How working with me on your bespoke wedding stationery works

How working with me on your bespoke wedding stationery works

I LOVE working with the couples who choose to work with me on their bespoke wedding stationery - and I often get asked when I first meet them or when they contact me "but how does it work?" I think for some, the idea of something being completely personalised - starting from a blank page - can be a little intimidating! But don't worry, I'll guide you through the process and it'll feel completely straightforward and easy, I promise!

So, where do we start?

How much will it cost?

When you get in touch with me to say you might be interested in working with me on your bespoke wedding stationery, the first thing I'll do is give you a cost. With all of the work I do being bespoke, I do always give a bespoke price too - you might want something super simple, in which case I'll charge you less, or you might want a ten page long wedding invitation with each page having a complicated and unique illustrated design... (I've not been asked for that yet, but you never know!!)

How long will it take?

If you're happy to go ahead, I'll book in your wedding stationery. I often get asked how long it'll take to complete. I usually need around 6 weeks to complete a bespoke wedding stationery job, although can complete them faster if needed and my time allows! Of course, I always like to have as much notice as possible, and usually have jobs booked in for as far away as 18 months from now. It can get busy, so it's worth booking your stationery in as soon as you know you'd like to work with me!

How does it work?

You might have an idea of what you'd like on your wedding stationery - it might be a couple portrait, your pets, your wedding venue, your love story or your favourite album covers - or you might be a little unsure. Either is fine! I'll ask a little about your wedding, your ideas for your stationery, if there are colours, flowers or details you'd like to include in the design...all I need is a few words, a list or a quick email really! Send me it over, and I'll take it from there! (Obviously if you want me to draw your faces, I'll need some photos of them too!)

After that, I'll do the illustration, and send you a first version of your bespoke stationery - you can comment and ask me for amends. I'll send you back a final version for you to approve - nothing will be sent off to the printer until you're completely happy!

What if I want more than one item?

I often start working with a couple when they are sending their wedding invitations, but more often than not, I'll also then create bespoke on the day stationery for them too! This can be anything from a timeline on a wedding sign, to their table plan, table names and menus. Or maybe you're having a festival wedding with lots of things going on throughout the day across different parts of the venue - I create bespoke wedding maps that work perfectly for this! So, if you need more than one item, and want to use the same illustration across the on the day wedding stationery as well, my costs reduce considerably, since most of the work for me is in creating the original illustration at the start. Again, you can get an idea of how this works from my price list, but get in touch and I can create a bespoke price for you!

Still have questions?

No problem! I love hearing about the unique weddings that the couples I work with always seem to be planning, so give me a shout, we can chat through your bespoke wedding stationery ideas and I'll answer any questions you might still have about working with me!

 Laura from Paper Heart Stationery

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