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Christmas Wax Wraps - set of 2 with Christmas Designs

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These wax food wraps can be used to preserve food and cover containers, making an excellent sustainable alternative to single use plastics and cling film! Simply warm the wraps in your hands and shape around sandwiches, food and containers. After use, you can wash the wraps like you would a plate, using cool water and detergent. (Using cool water allows the wax to set and gives a stable surface for cleaning.) 

Look after your wraps by re-waxing them - pop into a cool oven on a baking tray, at around 60 degrees C for a couple of minutes, allowing the wax to melt again, and then pick up by the corners and allow the wax to set into the wrap again.


Each set comes with 2 wraps, with one of each design.

Wraps are 2 sizes: Large - 34 x 34cm and Medium - 22 x 22cm.

Made with food safe beeswax.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order, your wraps will be made and shipped in October 2023.